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Standard USB FATX Formatter v1.3.2

- .NET Framework 4
- USB modified xbox, controller or controller cable (make your own or buy one)
- Compatable USB drive (scroll down for a small list of compatable USB devices)

Note: Follow the instructions included in the USB FATX Formatter. The tutorial will help you
corrupt your USB drive so other applications can access it. The USB *MUST* be corrupted or it will
not work unless you are running Windows XP or lower!

USB Transfer Troubleshooting:
Q: My USB device is not being detected or isn't mounting when I plug it in.
A: Your USB device may not be compatible, although there is still a hope. Turn off the console
and plug in the USB, turn on the console and check to see if the USB drive has been mounted
or not. I have had to do this with the Sandisk Cruzer series USB drives.

Q: My console is detecting the USB drive but says all of my game saves are corrupted?
A: You have misread step 2. Don't transfer UDATA, only the folders inside of it.

USB Device Compatability (from what I have tested):
Note: Any U3 device listed has been tested with the U3 partition removed.

Sandisk Cruzer Micro [USB2.0] 128MB Flash
Sandisk Cruzer Micro [USB2.0] 512MB Flash
Sandisk Cruzer Micro [USB2.0] 1024MB Flash
Sandisk Cruzer Micro [USB2.0] 4096MB Flash
Sandisk Cruzer Micro U3 [USB2.0] 512MB Flash (SDCZ6-512)
Sandisk Cruzer Micro U3 [USB2.0] 1024MB Flash (SDCZ6-1024)
Sandisk Cruzer Micro U3 [USB2.0] 2048MB Flash (SDCZ6-2048)
Sandisk Cruzer Micro U3 [USB2.0] 4GB Flash (SDCZ6-4096-E10)

Full List of Compatible and Non-Compatible USB Devices: USB Compatibility List

Please post if your USB device was compatible or not on the forums linked below.
Team-HQ Forums • View topic - List of Compatible and Non-Compatible USB Devices

v1.2.0 Change Log:
- Write speed has been improved majorly with a bigger buffer (CHANGED)
- Over 10 user interface problems (FIXED)
- Crash at end of full format (FIXED)
- Several functions have been wrote to be more stable and functional (CHANGED)
- Error catching while formatting to stabilize overall performance (ADDED)

v1.3.2 Changelog:
- Cluster size might not be wrote depending on settings (FIXED)
- Program now uses an optional XML configuration (ADDED)
- Memory leak would cause lag after a quick or full format (FIXED)
- Proper working drive corruption detection (ADDED)
- Whole drive was not being formatted during a full format (FIXED)
Quelle: Team-HQ Forums • View forum - USB FATX Formatter via EurAsia
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