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Tools & Backuploader Aktuelle Homebrewapplikationen / Hacks die den Funktionsumfang der PlayStation 3 sinnvoll erweitern und den Laser schonen bzw. die Lesegeschwindigkeit der Konsole erhöhen.

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Standard Rogero CFW v3

Usage / Compatibility:

- Can be used for Downgrade directly using a hardware flasher like Progskeet / E3 Flasher / Teensy++, etc…
- Can be used for normal system update like any other CFW/MFW from XMB or from Recovery Menu.

Internal Structure:
New Features:

- Built-in system version spoof to 4.11 to prevent accidental system updates (won’t allow going online in any way)
- NoBD Patch to allow installing it with the Blu-Ray drive disconnected (especially for downgrading purposes)
- Have other fixes that prevents the Black screen or Payload loading problems encountered on some PS3 systems.

Standard Features:

- Kmeaw patched Lv2 with necessary patches to allow Peek/Poke support (same games compatibility as Kmeaw CFW)
- LV1 Checks Disabled to bypass the Syscon hashes for downgraded consoles.
- Privacy Patch applied to block communications with all Sony servers.
- Custom Boot Logo.
- built-in “Heavy Rain” dynamic theme.

This is a better optimized version of the previous MFW released, This one is a Custom firmware
built manually by patching and packing the files and the final PUP package using the well known
“failoverflow” public set of tools and having ”Kmeaw” as the base firmware unlike it’s previous
version which was a Modified firmware built using the famous MFW builder application and using
an OFW3.55 as the base firmware.

After several days and more testing of the first MFW released for downgrading from 3.70–>3.55
I had some users feedback from #progskeet-support that some PS3 machines are having either
the Registry Corrupted/Blue Screen or just a Black Screen after downgrade that required re-installing
the MFW from Recovery Menu or reflashing the NOR in some cases.

Further research about the donwgrade V2 patches and the no_check.PUP with some more testing
showed that a Kmeaw based LV2 seems to have better compatibility with the Downgrade patches
applied to the NOR image then a MFW built with a patched LV2, so I decided to build a new version
manually which is a custom firmware that combines Kmeaw LV2 patches with Dospiedras Lv1 no-check
patches and having the minimal/necessary set of patches to preserve the best overall stability.

Thanks to the all the beta testers especially Blakcat & Marlboro1
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