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Tools & Backuploader Aktuelle Homebrewapplikationen / Hacks die den Funktionsumfang der PlayStation 3 sinnvoll erweitern und den Laser schonen bzw. die Lesegeschwindigkeit der Konsole erhöhen.

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Standard PS3 Minimal Firmware / Downgrade Version Checker

In an effort to help the team working on the JFW DH release, they have in advance over at Demonhades released a tool to check the lowest version of firmware your PS3 Console can downgrade to in an effort to build a list of factory min. values and their matching models!

Tutorial created by DeathHades.

This tutorial will teach you to how to know the base firmware of your PS3 with a few steps and images.

The first thing you must need is:

- A PS3.
- MinVerChk

Here is link to our MinVerChk program - DemonHades.Org [Lugar alternativo de Scene,Investigacion,Fomentacion de Proyectos,Didactica no lucrativa y Critica Argumentada] • Información

Here is the simple steps you need to follow:

1 - Copy the MinVerChk to your USB stick, the same way as if it was an firmware upgrade.
2 - Insert the USB stick into the PS3.
3 - Start a firmware update like normal from XMB (Don't worry, it will not update!)
4 - It will shortly fail and display the Firmware Base Value
Below is the screenshots from running the above steps.

Not sure how we can submit the info to them, I think you need to be a member of their forums, but for now at least we can run it on on our own PS3 models, and post a list of machines that our valued crunching members have, not sure if this means they are looking for a way to BYPASS this factory set limit by building up a database of "min. values", but new tools are always handy to have! -- Many thanks!
Aus der Readme:
PS3 Minimal firmware checker

Copy into /PS3/UPDATE and try to install from XMB. This should tell you which is the lowest version you can install on your ps3.

For more information: PS3ZONE [ps3zone.ifcaro.net] - Novedades
Offizielle Webseite: PS3ZONE [ps3zone.ifcaro.net] - Novedades
Quelle: DemonHades.Org [Lugar alternativo de Scene,Investigacion,Fomentacion de Proyectos,Didactica no lucrativa y Critica Argumentada] • Ver Tema - Investigacion MODELOS PS3,indica tu base de Downgradeo via Min Downgrade Version Check Tool Released
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