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PC Tools PC Programme für den 3DS / NDS / NDSi unter anderem auch NDS Emulatoren für den PC usw.

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Standard DsPad 1.61

Enjoy !!! Version 1.6.0 is out !!!
Fixed all bugs, X and Y buttons work perfectly now.
Plugin entirely remade, inspired from Lino's DInput plugin (which does not work for me), new GUI. Fixed another bug : config file was exported in the rom folder. Now it is created on the dll's path.
Version 1.6.1 : removed PIT_DYNAMIC flag. Plugin for Win32 & Linux, for Linux version use at least iDeaS Bêta, because alpha has problems with plugins and touchscreen.

First place SDL.dll in the iDeaS root folder (not the plugin folder)and DsPad.dll in the plugin folder for Win32.
For Linux SDL is provided with Linux, if not download rpm package [a=http://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php] here[/a].
Place DsPad.dll (libDsPad.so for Linux) in the plugin folder of iDeaS.
Launch iDeaS and select DsPad in the Input plugin list. A file named DsPad.ini will
be automatically created. It is the config file of DsPad.
Now, open the Property page and you will notice a tab named "DsPad Plugin Config".
This is the config panel of the plugin, here is its description :
The 8 first buttons are for button mapping. Click one and
press a joystick button and
this button will be bound to the button you selected.
You can choose the axis sensitivity below.
-Low : for very sensible axes.
-Medium : recommended.
-High : for very used or lowly sensible axes.
The config is saved each time you modify a value, but you can click the "Save config"
button to make sure the config is saved.

NEW : you will notice a grey square with a white cross into it. This is a graphical modelization of the DS POV hat. It reacts to events from first POV hat and from first axis (X & Y) (Win32 only). They will be used into emulation.

For Linux & POV hats, I don't know if Linux supports them, on my joystick the POV hat is recognized as an axis. But you can still use the 1st axis control and the POV hat if Linux supports it.

SDL can be downloaded [a=http://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php] here[/a].

Download it in the attachments. You also have a screenshot of the new GUI.
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