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PC Tools Alles über PC Applikationen für die PlayStation 3 die zum Beispiel das erstellen von Themen erlaubt usw.

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Standard PSARC PS3 Extractor

Recently, one of our valued PSX-SCENE members Inf1 shared with us a quick how-to tutorial from Xerius, with the discovery that once a large PSARC file has been unpacked, you are now finally able to play some of these PS3 Games which previously had files larger then 4gb+, from your External FAT32 USB HDD.

Originally Posted by inf1
1) Download http://www.chipovka.net/PSARC.zip
2) Extract zlib.net.dll and PSARC.exe to any folder
3) Find any files more than 4Gb for example: \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\pak22.psarc (5,596,444,529 bytes)
4) Copy pak22.psarc into zlib.net.dll and PSARC.exe directory
5) Extract pak22.psarc (just drag-n-drop pak22.psarc to PSARC.exe)
6) Now copy pak22 folder with extracted files to gamefolder: \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\
7) Now you can delete pak22.psarc
8) Copy PS3_GAME folder with game to your External FAT32 USB HDD: \GAMEZ\Uncharted2\
9) Use backup manager to load game, should work fine.
It has been tested and seems to work fine with games like: Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Front Mission Evolved

God of War Collection also uses this format, but it still seems to have problems when playing with the it's files being unpacked.

Our many thanks to our valued member Inf1 for sharing this wonderful tutorial,
and please see this thread for the ongoing discussion on other games that might work:

4gb+ Unpacking Tutorial: How to play games with files over 4GB on fat32. [tutorial] - PSX PS2 PS3 Scene Hacking Modchip & Jailbreak Community

The original work on figuring out the PSARC format started back in Sept. 5, 2010, you can track their original hard-work, and on-going trial&error progress here on: XeNTaX's Forums

Our many thanks to Xerius for his hard-work and this very neat little App!
Usage: PSARC [flag] <fileName>

-l Creates a text file that lists the File ID, Size, and Name of every file in the archive.
-e START END Extracts files with the File ID specified by the range between START and END (inclusive).
<blank> Extracts all files.


1. Extract all files from data.psarc : PSARC data.psarc

2. Create list of files from data.psarc : PSARC -l data.psarc

3. Extract file with File ID 5 : PSARC -e 5 5 data.psarc

4. Extract files with File ID 7 through 12 : PSARC -e 7 12 data.psarc
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