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Alt 16.08.2012, 13:50   #1 (permalink)
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Beitrag [PC & Xbox360] Dark Souls Save Editor

Der wohl beste Save Editor für Dark Souls!
Have fun!

Dark Souls Save Editor By Jappi88

So After a while i decided to Remake the darksouls editor , simply because the old one is too old...
this version is totally different, Performance is greatly improved,Stability and offcource The gui.

This tool actually exists in 3 parts.
* Part1 = The Statistics
you can edit the character statistics to your likings and make the gameplay a lil asier

* Part2 = The inventory

The inventory Part is unique to its kind, it has all the needed stuff to make editing a little asier.
like :
* Adding new items
* Removing Items
* Change the Quantity and Durability
* Orginize the inventory.
* Sort By Section

if you want to properly orginize the inventory you can remove all items and add new ones from the

that way it will sort them and list them the way u like it.

Some items in the inventory may accur as "Unknown" ..., U can rename it to whatever you want , and give

it its own section.
the newly renamed item will be in the database, So make sure you hit save inside the database tab for

saving the changes.

All items has to be added from the database, so in the database tab you'l find all needed stuff to add the

items in your inventory

Removing items from your inventory is easy as pie.
you can remove every item you want , and all removed items will be inside the trash can.
from the trash can you can restore the items if needed.

Note that if you close the application , the trash will be empty.

After every changes inside the inventory or database , saving changes is needed to keep the changes.

*Part 3 = The DataBase

Basicly the database is the main thing for handeling your inventory.
all needed info for properly handeling the items are stored inside.
you have the freedom to change the items to your desirings, and make it even better/bigger

i may have forgotten some stuff to explain... but that will come up eventually

Enjoy !

Some Screenshots:

#Update : #
*Added PC Support. [BETA]
*Fixed some bugs when adding items
*Removed Already item Exist check... u will now be able to add every item , even if u already own it.
*Changed Max ammo ammount to 999
*Added new window for adding items.
*Fixed the "All" Secion Max , will now max all items to proper values.

#Update : #
*Fixed PC Corruption (Hopefully) , savedata uses 3 Hashes.
*Fixed Level Editing.

#Update : #
*Fixed PC Corruption (Hopefully) , savedata uses 2 Hashes, and a Empty save slot uses 3 ...

#Update : #
*Fixed Some PC hashing , May not work for all saves yet !
*Disabled name editing for PC... for now.
*Made the itemAdder view Color if the item is already Aquired or not
*some More BugFixes.
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Dateityp: rar Dark Souls Save editor V3.0.1.0.rar (232,6 KB, 651x aufgerufen)
Dateityp: rar [PC & Xbox360] Dark Souls Save editor V3.0.5.0.rar (251,7 KB, 651x aufgerufen)

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Alt 17.12.2012, 10:04   #2 (permalink)
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Thank you for this!,

Many thanks!
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Standard Save editor working for pc???

Does this save editor work for pc or only xbox 360???
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