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Standard Fallout3VE Final

[Fallout3VE (Visual Editor)] [FINAL]

,----[ general ]
| developer: synmuffin
| email: jnewing@gmail.com
| official site: Fallout3VE (Visual Editor) - ZeroPair Forums - XBOX Hacking
| support: Fallout3VE Support - ZeroPair Forums - XBOX Hacking

,----[ general ]
| Fallout3VE is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
| For more information on this license please visit: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
| This program is NOT to be included in any 3rd party applications or a part of package witout the explicit
| written consent of the author.
| I think Fallout3VE is in a place where I'm happy to call this version a final.
| With the exception of a few addions that may or may no appear in later versions, I think
| it's in a faily stable state. I'm happy to continue to provide support etc... on the ZeroPair.com
| forums and will continue to work on this app, and release any fixes updates and so on that
| IMO need to be address.
| Thanks to everyone for the all the great support. The source for this will not be made public
| I was considering releasing it, then someone over at game-tuts tried to take it in a very sneeky
| way, as such I think I'll just hang on to it.

,----[ change log ]
| version FINAL
| * mambugaw is a douche-nozzle
| * minor bug fixes
| * revamped interface
| version RC3
| * fixed reading of large invetories
| * fixed how editor reads addons
| * few other minor fixes
| version RC2.1
| * fixed Vault 101 glitch
| * fixed inventory out of range index
| * fixed enable to edit last item
| version RC2
| * changed the way inventory is parsed (should be quicker)
| * changed the way the FID table is found (thanks jedib1, and others who pointed out this bug)
| * changed the way inventory is updated after editing (again should be faster)
| * removed XP editing
| * added direct level editing, level capped at 99 (thanks jedib1 for the suggestion, and formula)
| * fixed S.P.E.C.I.A.L. read errors
| * impoved database class
| * added zeta.tsv (oops forgot that in the last one)
| version RC1
| * changed item inventory layout
| * changed item inventory editor (its now right click on the item)
| * changed the way save files are unpacked and read
| * added support for point lookout and mothership zeta
| * added ability to export save files as player invetory, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, and FormID table (.bins)
| * added ability to import any of those files into your save
| * added ability to edit item conditions (in turn changing how much damage a weapon does or how much damage a armor item resists
| * added ability to sort items (via type) in the item editor
| * added S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat checking (for older saves) it may not read / edit S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats but it should read the rest of the save
| * database search is now done on its own thread
| * database search is no longer case senitive
| * added tooltip reminder that dbl click will copy item ids from database search list
| * added auto backup feature (backs up your save games into a folder called "backups" under the applications root directory
| version 0.3
| * changed the way the player inventory is read
| * added item types (will be used in future)
| * game-tuts.com are a buch of jerks who won't change my forum name
| verison 0.2
| * item database updates
| * fixed experience glitch
| * better player inventory reader
| * integrated KV to resign and rehash

,----[ f.a.q ]
| Q: Why do some of my items (that are weapons &| armor) display N/A as the CDN value?
| A: Some items that are undamanged may appear as N/A in the CDN column of the editor, to
| change this simple use and/or damage the item, redownload your save and edit away.
| Q: I keep getting this error: "It looks as though your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. data is corrupt or
| missing, I can try to read the rest of the file if you like, however S.P.E.C.A.I.L. stats
| editing will be disabled." why?
| A: Well as the error has stated somethig is not where it should be, please contact the author
| here: Fallout3VE (Visual Editor) - Se7enSins Forums and be sure
| to include a copy of your savegame

,----[ notes ]
| Please note that currently importing of special, inventory and fid table is limited to the
| size of the .bin that it's replacing. I'm currently testing and developing a much more
| robust import / export system.

,----[ credits & thanks ]
| big thanks to [c0z] for being a seemingly endless
| well of knowledge and information
| special thanks to roximonoxide, amaizing artist, for
| for the stellar banner
| thanks to jedib1 for testing, suggestions and more, also
| thanks to everyone who provided all the great feedback,
| comments and suggestions
| credits to Dalavin for all his hard work on the great C#
| libaray (X360) for XBOX 360, I used a few snippes of his code
| in this app to repack the save. So thanks goes out
| to him, check out his site for more info.
| - DJ SkunkieButt's Blog
Quelle: Fallout3VE (Visual Editor) - ZeroPair Forums - XBOX Hacking
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